Telephone Conversion and Customer Service Training

Do you know how many potential patients have been lost as a result of ineffective telephone technique or customer service?  How many enquiries do you receive that actually translate into appointments?  Do you and your team have the right communication skills to encourage patients to embrace ideal treatments that are in their best interests?


Want to find out how?

Telephone Conversion & Customer Service Training

Where are you losing patients?  Do you know exactly where?


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What's the No.1 Question?

The number one question we often get asked is “what is the best way to increase the number of patients and/or referrals?”  Or, more specifically, “what is the best way to increase quality referrals and patients that will mean I can focus on the sort of work that I enjoy and have been trained in?”

Phone Calls & Face to Face

While all of these elements are important, the No.1 issue we see in practices that is impacting their growth and efficiency is the way in which patients are handled over the phone, as well as face-to-face when they visit.

So what does this mean?

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The Danger of Falling Behind

If people are making enquires but are not making appointments; if people are cancelling or failing to attend, not making future appointments or accepting ideal treatments; if you are unable to create raving fans in patients and referrers you’ll remain stagnant, or worse still, fall behind.

When they call do they book appointments?

The bottom line is, if you’re investing $$$$$ in “marketing”, the investment becomes negligible if a prospective patient calls and doesn’t actually book in for an appointment. Some questions to consider.  When people ring to make an appointment:

  • Do they book an appointment?
  • Do they actually show up?
  • Do they know what to expect and are empowered to make informed decisions about their visit?
  • Are their questions and concerns answered?
  • How are fees and barriers handled?
  • Do they feel assured that they are getting their desired level of value a
  • Or do they feel as though they are being “ripped off” or “sold” to?

Can you confidently say yes to all of these questions?  How can you really be certain?

If you notice you are hesitating, it may be time to find out exactly how much this has been costing you over the space of a day, a week, years…..

telephone conversion training

Drastically improve your productivity

You’ll be surprised what a difference telephone conversion and customer service training can make. Call us today and start training for your team to get the best out of your practice.

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