Public Relations

Considering Radio Advertising?  Want to know how you can increase your media exposure and/or public/community profile?  Talk to us about the ways we can help you raise your profile using PR.


Want to find out how?

Public Relations (PR)

As patients and referrers become more informed and savvy, competition increases.  It is important to consider lateral ways to raise profiles.

public relations

Consider the Following

Radio advertising
Media engagement
Sourcing PR opportunities
Maximised online PR opportunities
Local community awareness and engagement

PR suited to healthcare

Suited to Healthcare

Individual PR avenues and strategies may or may not be useful for you.  We don’t recommend anything that we don’t think “fits” in with your goals and practice, but we do find that most health and medical professionals benefit from some form of PR activity, even at the local community level.

pr plan

Creating a PR Plan

We can assist you by creating a robust PR plan for you, as well as working with you in the implementation phase to ensure you are communicating your ideal professional reputation and messages.

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