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Private Practice Marketing

Ethical, Innovative and Comprehensive.

As you know healthcare is changing. Before the internet and reliance on smartphones, prospective patients depended heavily on word-of-mouth and traditional forms of promotion to find you. The truth is that while these forms are still important, patients and referrers are becoming smarter about how and who to go to. Today you also need to contend with online reviews, social media, corporates with big marketing budgets, pressures on health insurance, and a society who have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. How do you get ahead, and build a practice that serves you and your patient’s best?

Improve and evolve

Maybe your patient flow or referrals are low, or you’re working longer hours with little return? Perhaps you know there is potential in your practice, but need help finding or maximizing it?  Identity Consulting can show you Private Practice marketing strategies that get results. Taking into consideration all parts of you practice, not just one part is the key to success, saving time and money.  When implemented correctly private practice marketing can be a powerful way to:

private practice marketing
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private practice marketing practice diagnostics

Practice Diagnostics

A fresh perspective! In a relaxed and engaging manner we can help you and your team highlight your strengths, as well as areas for improvement.
private practice marketing consulting and training

Consulting & Training

To make your plans and goals a reality, you need action that is consistent and focused. Regular consulting and training sessions for you and your team can help keep you inspired and on track to achieve your goals.
private practice Trouble Shooting & Ideas

Trouble Shooting & Ideas

Need to troubleshoot an issue or bounce an idea? Feeling stuck or unsure and don’t know what to do? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Our insights and experience in the industry means you can work smarter.
private practice marketing Online

Online Marketing & Social Media

From consulting and developing plans, right through to execution, we can implement online marketing tools such as: Websites, SEO, Microsites, eNewsletters, and Social media.  
my private practice marketing manager

My Marketing Manager

Your very own outsourced marketing department! We understand that medical & health professionals don’t have the time, energy or internal expertise for marketing. That’s where we come in and assist you as your very own private practice marketing manager.  
private practice marketing pr

Public Relations & Referral Services

Considering Radio advertising? Want to know how you can increase your media exposure and/or public/community profile?  Talk to us about the ways in which we can help you raise your profile using PR.
private practice marketing planning

Planning & Strategy

Are there particular services you would like to offer more of? When and how will you generate new patients? What systems will you put in place? What needs to happen, by whom and when? Working with you and your team to create an effective, action-orientated marketing and business plan is a way to make sure that you have a clear direction.  
private practice marketing Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation

With review sites such as “Yelp” and “RateMDs”, it’s important to know what people are saying about you and your practice. We can help you monitor what’s being said online as well as show you ways to manage your online reputation, so that you are “controlling” as much as you can of what is being seen about you online.  
private practice marketing mystery patient

Mystery Patients

When you’re a health or medical professional and you’re busy seeing patients! It can be difficult to have a firm sense of the customer service dynamics that’s occurring over the phone, or “at the front”. Our mystery patient and phone recording service is an excellent way to get a good understanding of exactly what is being communicated. From there we can work with you and your team to provide you with tools and systems to help attract and retain quality patients as well as see more of the cases you really want to see.
Telphone Conversion and Customer Service Training

Telephone Conversion & Customer Service Training

Do you know how many potential patients have been lost as a result of ineffective telephone technique or customer service? How many enquiries do you receive that actually make appointments? Do you and your team have the right communication skills to encourage patients to embrace ideal treatments that are in their best interests?
Practice Development

Business Development

Do you know if your business development efforts are reaching the right audience and are worth the effort? Do you know what opportunities are out there for you? Have you pursued them? Do you know how to? Not only can we assist with your business development strategies, we can also link you in with potential referrers through our network of medical and health professionals, as well as show you how to tap into other business development opportunities.
private practice marketing and branding


Branding isn’t just a fancy logo. It’s the way every element represents your practice and what is being communicated. Included is the way in which your team represents your practice. While we can certainly help you with your business name, logo, and stationary, we are true branding experts that can help make sure that your message is communicated consistently at all touch points, building trust and credibility.  
private practice marketing power of word of mouth
Investing in customer service systems first and foremost is where you will get your biggest wins. Get this wrong and you will undermine trust with patients, your reputation, and the profitability and success of your practice.

Are your patients and key referrers ‘raving fans?’…

Too often we see health and medical professionals focus purely on details such as their website, logo, search engine optimisation or AdWords. Don’t get us wrong, they are all critical elements. However, they can be a waste of your time and money if:

  • Potential patients  are calling but not making appointments
  • Patients are visiting the practice but are not accepting ideal treatment, perhaps even going elsewhere for their treatment
  • People are not raving about the practice and aren’t telling others about you
  • Referrers don’t feel comfortable referring because they’ve had feedback about the way patients are being treated in the practice

Creating and sustaining positive word of mouth where people refer others to you, where patients are actually making appointments and accepting ideal treatment, doesn’t happen by accident. Word of mouth needs planning, best-practice systems and great communication. It’s interesting, not only are we seeing a rise in tacky and gimmicky marketing, many health and medical practices seem to be unaware of, or simply forgetting how important service excellence, telephone technique and patient experience really is. Our Marketing Essentials Kit contains private practice marketing tips to get you started. Included is a marketing budget to help you plan your marketing activities, as well as a checklist with the essential marketing systems for  a successful practice. You’ll also receive detailed scripts, tools and resources to assist you further.

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Why you’ll love us!


No Buzz, Just Action!

You won’t hear any buzz words about our “magnet” or “power patient attraction” systems. Why? We’re not interested in creating hype just to lure you in. Your patients don’t like it; you don’t like it, and neither do we! So why would we use it? We’d prefer to provide you with real solutions without all the hype.


Ethical and Creative!

You care about your reputation and so do we! Our clients are care about their reputation and don’t waste their time with gimmicky and tacky marketing. They commit to a healthy blend of tried-and-tested methods but are also open to tapping into innovative, but above all, ethical strategies. These are the sort of clients we work best with.


The REAL 360

Real marketing is not a fancy website or a brochure. What will your current or prospective patients and/or referrers think if your systems and processes are chaotic and inefficient, staff rude and uncaring, or your promotional materials are inconsistent with the quality and value you offer? A website or brochure alone won’t solve this.


Healthcare Focused

There are also some consultants who work with one specific profession, such as working with just vets or dentists.  We have dedicated our entire service around the healthcare industry. So, not only are we uniquely focused; we’re also able to transfer and implement systems, innovations, ideas and approaches across parallel areas of the healthcare industry – something that our clients truly appreciate.

marketing healthcare

Healthcare Experts

Does your consultant work primarily within the healthcare space? You may find, when looking for a marketing agency or consultant to work with, they work across a wide array of industries. This can make it difficult for them to develop specialised expertise. When you do your research check that the business lives, breathe and absorbs themselves in the healthcare industry. Sometimes you’ll find it’s an add-on department who don’t always have the ability or resources to keep up-to-date with latest trends and issues that actually matter to you. Private practice marketing is part of our comprehensive service.

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