Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, and Dermatologists

Patients are searching for surgeons and listening to what others are saying, but where?
marketing for plastic and cosmetic surgeons

How patients choose surgeons

Patients are now choosing surgeons and specialists based on multiple sources, not just one. Word-of-mouth is still significant in our class of experts, so your team needs to be on top of your game at every touch point in patient experience.

Do you know what patients are doing?

Consumers are inundated with thousands of advertising messages every day, making it difficult for your practice to stand out. People are going online to research before making a decision and listening to social media and forums. Are they hearing about you and are they researching you before making that appointment? Some big questions worth asking are:

  • How do I really stand out among the crowd?
  • How do I build trust so that patients not only see me but keep on entrusting me with their long term care needs?
  • How do I create and maintain a team that enhances practice reputation? A team that generates the sort of work I really want to do?
  • How can I stay competitive and attract new paying patients?


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