Collaboration and adding value helps us all to be at the forefront of service delivery.

Do you provide goods and services to private medical, dental, veterinary and/or allied health practices? Are you looking for ways to improve your service delivery and add exponential value to your clients? Maybe you are keen to reach more of your target markets?

You’ve heard that synergy is when 1 + 1 = 3?

What if we could create such synergy by working together – adding exponential value to each other? If we could come together and pool our talents and abilities, the laws of math will go out the window and the laws of synergy prevail. Far more can be accomplished than what we could individually achieve.


If you’re considering complementary partners who are just as passionate as you in improving the value and quality of services, then we’d love to explore further opportunities with you!


Cross Promotion

Cross promotional and referral activities such as events and speaking/ training engagements, and more.


Sharing ideas

Share ideas and knowledge on best practices with other like-minded people in the industry, through structured collaboration groups.

Cross Training

Cross training. We have expertise in marketing and performance improvement within the private healthcare sector


Your Strengths

You have proficiency and innovations in your field.  Cross training could be just what we both need to inject ideas, enthusiasm and skills.


Private Health Sector Collaboration Group – 2014

Our vision for 2014 is to create a robust networking and collaboration group for representatives of organisations that provide goods and services to the private medical, dental, veterinary and allied health markets.  It will create opportunities to meet on an agreed basis to share ideas and industry trends and also to explore ways in which we can work together to increase client retention, uptake and reach new clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more or joining the group – please register your interest.

Register your interest