Not For Profit Enterprises

Are you a Not-For-Profit Enterprise (NFP) looking to create “For-Profit” opportunities to feed back into your organisation? A reduction in government funding and increasingly difficult access to funding sources means that Not-For-Profit Enterprises are looking for ways to become more self-sustaining. We are called upon to fill this gap, to inject ideas and models for self-sustaining “For-Profit” Centres, along with offering healthcare consulting and healthcare marketing.

Find out where you could create a profit

Our approach is pragmatic and results based

Our clients appreciate the commercial understanding and insights we bring to the table, together with our forward thinking. We offer the following for NFP’s:

Business Case Modelling

Business Case Modelling and Business Planning

Opportunity Identification

Opportunity Identification to discover profitable areas and services that could potentially be leverage

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic Planning Facilitation with robust implementation programs to help drive success

Why you’ll love us!



No Buzz, Just Action!

You won’t hear any buzz words about our “magnet” or “power patient attraction” systems. Why? We’re not interested in creating hype just to lure you in. Your patients don’t like it; you don’t like it, and neither do we! So why would we use it? We’d prefer to provide you with real solutions without all the hype.


Ethical and Creative!

You care about your reputation and so do we! Our clients are care about their reputation and don’t waste their time with gimmicky and tacky marketing. They commit to a healthy blend of tried-and-tested methods but are also open to tapping into innovative, but above all, ethical strategies. These are the sort of clients we work best with.


The REAL 360

Real marketing is not a fancy website or a brochure. What will your current or prospective patients and/or referrers think if your systems and processes are chaotic and inefficient, staff rude and uncaring, or your promotional materials are inconsistent with the quality and value you offer? A website or brochure alone won’t solve this.



Healthcare Focused

There are also some consultants who work with one specific profession, such as working with just vets or dentists.  We have dedicated our entire service around the healthcare industry. So, not only are we uniquely focused; we’re also able to transfer and implement systems, innovations, ideas and approaches across parallel areas of the healthcare industry – something that our clients truly appreciate.

marketing healthcare

Healthcare Experts

Does your consultant work primarily within the healthcare space? You may find, when looking for a marketing agency or consultant to work with, they work across a wide array of industries. This can make it difficult for them to develop specialised expertise. When you do your research check that the business lives, breathe and absorbs themselves in the healthcare industry. Sometimes you’ll find it’s an add-on department who don’t always have the ability or resources to keep up-to-date with latest trends and issues that actually matter to you.

1. What we do

BOTH Consulting and Marketing

2. How we do it

Hands-on working with your team

3. What you get

Practice success! Better life balance

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