Mystery Patient & Feedback

You’re a health or medical professional and you’re busy seeing patients! It can be difficult to have a firm sense of the customer service dynamics that are occurring over the phone, or “at the front”, while you are “out the back”.  Our mystery patient and phone recording service is an excellent way to get a firm understanding of exactly what is being communicated and in what way.


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Mystery Patient and Feedback

As a health or medical professional you are offering a service.  A service is intangible, yet so many people make judgments about the quality of a service based on tangible aspects.  In particular, they remember how they feel when interacting with you and your team over the phone and in person.  This feeling is what drives future decisions.


service relies on people


One of the greatest challenges is that while this is a service business, as a health and medical professional you are relying on people to help support your image.  There are many levels of interactions with others before the patient even books in for an appointment and sees you.  That’s if they even make an appointment in the first place.

whats happening at reception

What happening?

Do you know:

  • If patients feel welcome in your practice?
  • If patients will recommend you to other people?
  • What feedback they will give back to your referrer?  Will it give your referrer confidence to refer back to you?
  • If potential patients are informed enough to be able to make appointments?
tools to help you

How we can help

You’re busy seeing patients, so how do you know what’s happening at the front?

We can help you implement robust patient and referrer feedback that has been collated from a variety of sources, including surveys, market research, mystery phone or onsite patients, as well as focus groups.

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