My Marketing Manager

Likely you don’t have the time or the expertise to manage the multiple complexities of marketing. It’s difficult to find someone within your team with the skills, training or updated knowledge to undertake marketing and advertising to grow your business. Let My Marketing Manager, our experienced and dedicated team get the job done for you!


Want to save time and reduce wasted effort?

We understand the complexities

Rest assured, we understand the complexities of running a Professional Practice with proven experience and background.

Our clients appreciate the insight and we have such a unique understanding of what it takes to promote and manage a successful professional practice, how we bring in remarkable insights, tools and strategies.

Why it Works

We have immersed ourselves in the private health care industry, understanding the systems, the people, and the patients.
We develop strategies and tools that really work.

marketing project director

Your Project Director

We can assist to reduce these hassles by being engaged as your Project Director, where we manage the implementation of all, or some of your marketing – saving you time and effort.
marketing flexibility

You Get Flexibility

You can have as little or as much involvement as you like! You can also use us on an ongoing basis or project basis. Leave us to do the research, prepare and write briefs.

outsourced marketing

Outsourced Marketing

We source, screen and negotiate with third parties, manage timelines, budgets and manage your marketing project – ensuring that activities are meet brief, budget and objectives.

Project Management

We can project manage your marketing by developing the strategies through to implementation and delivery, on time and on budget.

Experience Shows

Our experience means we can hit the ground running quickly, effectively develop marketing strategies and campaigns, and monitor results and progress.


The Full Gamut

We utilise both traditional and new ways to promote your practice – the full gamut of integrated services) and have the connections and people to call.

Advice and Direction

We can provide advice and direction to your key marketing and development people ensuring they are on track to meet marketing goals.
my marketing manager raving fans

Outsourced Marketing: My Marketing Manager

You know that a planned and cohesive approach to marketing and business development is pivotal to building a positive reputation, generating quality referrals, retaining current and getting new patients.

But there are elements to marketing and business development that require routine, follow up and consistency, but most parts require action, responsiveness and flexibility.

Successful marketing manager requires the ability to pull on a whole host of generalist and technical skills; so the true cost of having a robust marketing team onsite that encompasses this will definitely cost you well above your expense benchmarks (see benchmarking your practice link). There are also the hidden costs; such as the time it takes for employees to get comfortable with your practice, superannuation, employee incentives and benefits, performance development (and management)….

And what about knowledge, know-who and a team who have the expertise and skills that are specialised to your industry, but also broad enough to be able to inject different ideas and innovations. There is also an “experience curve.”

Now please don’t get us wrong, being “staffed up” is pivotal to the success of a practice, and in actual fact we love working with your current marketing and business development representatives but there is a way to get the best of both worlds….how? My Marketing Manager!

Marketing Private Practice. Specialised and Comprehensive.

Because of our 360° approach, you’ll have access to robust solutions as we tap into a full gamut of relevant and up-to-date systems,
tools and resources so that you can truly maximise your potential. 

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