for all medical specialists. Sometimes competition is obvious (advertising), and sometimes it is less obvious (hiring practice representatives). Consumers have better access to information about procedures, quality and costs than ever before. Also, referral patterns are changing.

I need to find ways to deal with the challenges

Finding different ways

Medical Specialists need to find different ways to communicate their reputation and skills to searching patients, nurture and build their network of referrers, create positive experiences to retain patients, and develop efficient and effective teams to support their practice. Specialists need medical marketing tailored for them.

Proven medical marketing

Using customised, proven practice strategies will secure your likelihood of success in these changing times. With proper planning, systems and communications, you can achieve your goals, work less, increase your income, and provide superior medical care to patients. After all, isn’t that what being a specialist is all about?

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marketing for medical specialists

Specialised understanding

Our clients appreciate the fact that our speciality is the health industry, and we understand of what it takes to promote and manage a practice.


Our approach is truly holistic, comprehensive and integrated. We balance your strategy with implementation, and look at all aspects of your practice.


We have many effective tools, tips and techniques to help you successfully optimise and get the best out of your practice so that you can best service your patients.

Insight & Strategies

Because our speciality is the health industry, we bring you valuable insights, tools, strategies and medical marketing.

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