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Practice Improvement Specialists. We work exclusively in the healthcare industry.
We help Doctors, Dentists, Health Care and Medical Professionals, and Vets achieve practice success through proven optimisation methods and tools. We have worked in professional practice and know that its management and marketing is unique and specialised. That’s why we have focused on …

Private Practice Marketing

Private Practice Marketing

that attracts the right patients, building referrals and generating revenue.

Outside-In Perspective

We give you an experienced outside-in perspective of your practice. You will learn proven, easy to implement marketing strategies that will enhance your profits and take you to the next level.

Dedicated to Healthcare

We have dedicated our entire business and service around the private health care industry, uniquely specialised while comprehensive and broad enough to be able to port innovations, ideas and approaches across analogous industries.

Tools & Tips

We share with you many effective tools, tips and techniques to help you successfully optimise and get the best out of your practice so that you can best care for your patients

Turnkey Solutions

Critical to practice success is ensuring every part of your practice and activities are aligned to your goals. Websites, brochure, systems and communications are only a part of the solution.

Up-to-date Expertise

Keeping up to date can be incredibly time consuming!  We vigorously engage in professional development to update our skills and knowledge. We are experts with real-world experience.

Not Cookie Cutters!

We know and appreciate that you have your unique issues, challenges and strengths. We work with you in a customised and tailored way to identity and target business success.

The business side of healthcare practice

Identity Consulting can help you build your practice the way you want to build it.
Helping you achieve business success… the way you define it.
We understand the systems, the people, and the patients who utilise your service,
enabling us to develop strategies and tools that really work.
We use tried and tested methods,
as well as innovative trailblazing solutions.
Patient acquisition and retention
Insurance billing and reimbursement
Professional referral cultivation
Staff training and retention
Revenue generation and cash flow
Traditional and online marketing

Complementary Consultation

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The success of your practice is intertwined with whole Practice Excellence and Optimisation. We can assist you with the tools to optimise the entire process, from front desk to delivery of service.