Hospitals & Day Surgeries

Perhaps last year was a good year. Perhaps your surgery or hospital was so busy that you did not have time to do even the littlest things to help market for the future. And perhaps it was so busy that you found yourself on a surgical treadmill, performing the same procedures over and over again.

Grow the bottom line

Busy OR Successful?

Is there a difference? Yes! Many may be confusing being “busy” with being “successful.” You see, the successful hospital/day surgery/practice is not just treating patients, more and more it is treating a larger number of a specific type of patient.

What kind of patients?

For you, that patient may be a shoulder or a knee or a spine. For you, that patient could have the insurance that gives you the least amount of headaches. Whoever that patient is, he or she will help you work smarter, not harder.

Which patients, which services?

Grow your bottom line with more patients and services

Specialised understanding

Our clients appreciate the fact that our speciality is the health industry, and we understand of what it takes to promote and manage a practice.


Our approach is truly holistic, comprehensive and integrated. We balance your strategy with implementation, and look at all aspects of your practice.


We have many effective tools, tips and techniques to help you successfully optimise and get the best out of your practice so that you can best service your patients.

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Because our speciality is the health industry, we bring you valuable insights, tools and strategies.

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