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Consolidation of practices

In recent years there has been remarkable rise in the consolidation of practices in all specialties. This trend has become a positive way to react against market forces; in many cases it has also created an entirely new set of problems, some of which could cripple meaningful progress.

Coordinating for efficiency

If your group practice has multiple locations, multiple partners and multiple visions of success there is a challenging in coordinating efforts for efficiency and maximum gain.

All in step and communicating

Identity Consulting understand group practices’ marketing challenges and we can give you specific direction on how to overcome them. Imagine your group practice with all of the decision-makers on one page, moving toward goals in which everyone has a stake. It is possible

Specialised understanding

Our clients appreciate the fact that our speciality is the health industry, and we understand of what it takes to promote and manage a practice.


Our approach is truly holistic, comprehensive and integrated. We balance your strategy with implementation, and look at all aspects of your practice.


We have many effective tools, tips and techniques to help you successfully optimise and get the best out of your practice so that you can best service your patients.

Insight & Strategies

Because our speciality is the health industry, we bring you valuable insights, tools and strategies.

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