…going nowhere? Working long hours and double booking?

As a General Practitioner, your practice keeps you very busy. Do you miss lunch to squeeze in a few extra patients? If so, you are far from alone! It’s time to get off that treadmill of boring routine, unsatisfying patients and cases.

Shorten my workday and attract better cases!

How to reach your goal

You need a way to attract more challenging cases, cases that are elective, profitable and professionally fulfilling. You can learn proven practice marketing strategies to rebalance your case mix and a detailed Practice Marketing Plan will help you achieve your goals.

We show you how!

Identity Consulting has helped physicians bring in more of the cases they really want and increase their revenue and career satisfaction. We will show you dozens of proven general practice marketing strategies to balance your case mix and attract the patients you want.

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Specialised understanding

Our clients appreciate the fact that our speciality is the health industry, and we understand of what it takes to promote and manage a practice.


Our approach is truly holistic, comprehensive and integrated. We balance your strategy with implementation, and look at all aspects of your practice.


We have many effective tools, tips and techniques to help you successfully optimise and get the best out of your practice so that you can best service your patients.

Insight & Strategies

Because our speciality is the health industry, we bring you valuable insights, tools and strategies.

Free Resources for General Practitioners

Take advantage of our FREE tools, tips and techniques to get the best out of your general practice and improve your medical marketing.

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