Advances in dentistry and boosts in online and web searches means patients are savvier than ever. Fluctuations in discretionary income can mean that patients tighten the reins on more comprehensive dental services. So, how do you build a financially viable practice?  How do you attract those patients who really appreciate your service and refer others?

Learn how to attract more patients and professional referrals

It’s about smarter not harder!

You’re aware that expanding and nurturing referral sources for patients is important. Also, it’s more critical than ever that you build loyalty among your patients and referrers. For every ideal new patient there are several around them. Nurturing these relationships is just one key.

Dental marketing to reach patients

Without dental marketing, patients don’t know that you have training and expertise in specific areas. Without making effective use of dental marketing ideas, patients will be unaware of your advanced training.  Dental marketing is becoming more important than ever before.

dental marketing

Proven methods

We have proven marketing and management methods to build patient base, keeping dentists sustainable and profitable.


Stand out

We show you how to market your dental practice so that you stand out from the crowd. Strategic dental marketing.

Right message

You want to communicate professionalism and confidence in combination with incentives to seek treatment immediately.


We know how!

Identity Consulting knows what works, what doesn’t and why. We know how to help your practice reach its optimum.


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Differentiating with dental marketing

To help keep your current referrers, increase loyalty in referrers and generate new referrals through  dental marketing, you need to differentiate yourself from other dentists in your area. You need to stand out from the crowd through specialized practice marketing for dentists.

Creating an online authority for your dental practice will lead to more new patients.  We can help you establish an authoritative web and online presence for your practice through online marketing solutions.

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