Business Development & Referral Services

Do you know if your business development efforts are reaching the right audience and are worth the effort? Do you know what opportunities are out there for you? Have you pursued them? Do you know how to? Not only can we assist with your business development strategies, we can also link you in with potential referrers through our network of medical and health professionals, as well as show you how to tap into other business development opportunities.

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Business Development

Practices, whether solo or group, often know they need to do some marketing and business development.  The reality of running a successful practice may result in time constraints, which may, in turn, result in scattered business development activities.

Follow Up Leads

How will you follow up on potential leads and opportunities, and which staff member will be responsible?

business development tools

Choose your tools

What tools and technology will be in place to make sure you are following up and managing your leads and opportunities in a timely fashion?

business development message

What's your message?

What is your message, how will you say it and who will say it on your behalf?

Medical specialists and surgeons in particular can relate to this. How many times do you conduct your GP education talks and then ask yourself – Did that actually work? Was it worth it? What should I speak about? Did I represent myself well enough to inspire them to refer to me?

For dentists, vets and allied health, while the approach might be a little different, the premise is exactly the same. Are you even attempting business development? Who are the best people to work with? Do you know what business development opportunities exist for you?

Tangible results do not occur by accident.  The impact of your business development and marketing activities is highest when backed by strong design, planning and implementation of tried and tested systems.

We see plenty of wasteful business development activities and missed opportunities.  Are you one of the practices that are missing out?

Referral Services

Our years of experience working closely with primary and allied health practices have resulted in the creation of a strong partnership and referral network.  As a result, we are in a position to help you identify and tap into potential business development partners and referral opportunities.


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